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Processing services

Besides the manufacture of components, accessories and their assembly into finished products for the light weapons industry, we provide you with a diverse range of technological processes:
Machining by cutting on lathe

Machining by cutting on CITIZEN CNC Lathe with bar feed – with a maximum processed part diameter of 32 mm.

Sheet metal processing

Processing of metal sheets, having a thickness of up to 4 mm, by cold plastic deformation, by embossing, cupping and flanging operations on mechanical and hydraulic presses up to 60 Tf.

Machining by cutting on milling centers

Machining by cutting on horizontal and vertical CNC centers in 3 and 4 axes for parts with complex surfaces by milling, drilling and boring operations.

Blasting and bluing

Blasting operations in the cabin with electro corundum or glass balls. Surface coatings of steel parts through the hot bluing process.

Concept and design

Constructive and technological design services at the client’s request on modern CAD – CAM platforms.


We offer you a diverse range of technological processes. We are open to collaborating on other projects besides weapons production.