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About us

Over the course of ten years, our research and development activity, using the know-how of Cugir area, has led to the designing and manufacturing of high-tech products.

The complexity of the products and services provided by Nova Modul has reached a high level in recent years due to our constant interest to continuously develop ourselves. Therefore, at present Nova Modul has a production hall, equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, where trained and dedicated people operate, using the ISO 9001/2015 quality management system.

As we are dedicated to continuous evolution, we aim in the future to develop the business by expanding the range of products and accessories for the market.


Brief history

1994 – The private capital company Nova Modul SRL, headquartered in Cugir, was established. The object of activity is: manufacture and trade of auto spare parts for vehicles produced by the Romanian industry.

2000 – The company headquarters was moved to a new location on an area of 800 sq.m on 98A Mihai Viteazu Street, Cugir, Alba County.

2001 –The spare parts market has had a downward trend and as a result the company management has reoriented the business towards manufacturing various mechanical components by cutting, and trading them on the market in western Europe, especially Germany. Among these components, an important place is occupied by the manufacture of gears, due to the existence of many specialists in the Cugir area, trained in the theory and technology of the gears. The components produced were intended especially for the car manufacturing industry.

2009 – Nova Modul received the authorization to manufacture and trade firearm components and firearms, and the business, whose object of activity was the production of components for the car manufacturing industry, was taken over by the sister company Nova Grup, in the same locality.

2014 – Marks the beginning of the research and development of our own products (firearms intended for the civilian market).

2015 – The tripod for the PKM machine-gun was homologated and its manufacturing has been started

2016 – The first PAK9 Gun product was launched on the market.

2017 – The second NAK9 Gun product was launched on the market.

2018 – Two new products, Carabine RAK9 and Carabine RAK22, were launched on the market. This year, major investments were also made by purchasing four new machines with numerical control.

2021 – It was launched to market, two new products NAK9 S Pistol and RAK1 Carbine. In the same year it was made major investments by acquisition of two new CNC machine tools and the start of construction of a new production hall.

Continuous Improvement

Our concern for continuous improvement was determined by the increasing demands of our customers; thus, we started out with the manufacture of components, then subassemblies and, finally, assemblies and products.

The NOVA MODUL company is dedicated to the constant supply of products and services at a high level of quality and competitiveness by the continuous implementation and improvement of the workplace quality, environment, health and safety management system, in accordance with the current editions of the standards ISO9001:2015.

AQAP-2110 – in process of re-authorization.